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Class News Week of September 15th

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We now have a full 8 days under our belts. It’s amazing just how quickly the kids are picking up on routines. We are now getting busy with all the learning we need to accomplish. We have begun math centers, rolling out our literacy centers and writers workshop. This week our lead story is a fiction story called Fix It Duck. We learned about how to identify the setting of a story, and sequencing a story. Last week our focus was on character. I have introduced 3 word wall words (I, am, to) We will practice reading and writing these words multiple times. It is helpful to practice these words at home as well. I will let you know each week in class notes what words I have introduced.  In Writer’s Workshop we are working on getting a picture on the page, and attempting to write any sounds we hear in our sentence. I encourage parents to allow approximations of spellings as your kids are learning to write. They need to feel safe to take risks in their writing. It will come along. This week we will be going to the school garden and sketching the apple tree. We will be learning some vocabulary related to trees. We will also be doing an art lesson based on Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower painting. It has been a very fun, exciting first few weeks of school . I am so excited to get to know your kids.

Library Day 1

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Today we got to visit the library and check out books. Our books are going to stay at school this week so we can practice procedures for returning books and book care. Next week we will get to bring our books home. It was a lot of fun. Ms. Tori is a fantastic story teller. P1000992 P1000991 P1000990 P1000989 P1000988 P1000987 P1000986 P1000985 P1000984 P1000983 P1000982

First Week of School! Room 1

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Our first day of school went off without a hitch. The day was very warm but the kids were troopers. Monday morning’s question of the day “Are you excited to be in Kindergarten” yielded 100% yes! I was so pleased.
The first week of school is a really all about learning school expectations, classroom routines and getting to know each other. It can be exciting and overwhelming for most kids. Each day is more smooth and relaxing than the day before. I am always surprised at how exhausting the first few days of school are. There are so many details and so many things for them to learn. But, I am amazed at how quickly it comes together. What a joy! I am so excited for what this year will bring.







Class News Room 1 Week of June 9th

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Hello Families,

This week is filled with so many sweet moments. It is always bittersweet when the school year ends. We have bonded so much as a class. It is hard to let them go, but I am proud of them and know that they are going to all be prepared for 1st grade and continue on their journey of lifelong learning.

I wanted also to take the time to thank all of you parents for being so supportive and helpful this year. As hard as it is to send the kids on, I feel the same way about the parents. We have created a little classroom family and I will miss you all greatly… thank you for that!

A few bits of info for the week. We have our final field trip on Thursday to the Children’s Museum. I am looking forward to this trip. Its always a fun one! Please return your permission slips if you haven’t done so.

Friday I would like to invite you all to the room at 2:20. We have some things we’d like to share with you  in our closing moments of kindergarten. These kids are so proud of their growth over the year and would like to share a few memories from the year with you all. See you then. Dana

Class News Week of June 2nd

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It is a busy, busy time in Room 1. We are working hard to keep our regular routines as much as possible for as long as possible. Here are a few highlights of this week.
We have a new collection of books Ms. Dana bought at the International Reading Conference. They are all about to little dogs named Rosie and Bella. The kids have really gotten into reading them every chance they get. They are highly motivating books at their reading level. We decided as a class that we would write our own book all about Gus. (Gus is my little dog that looks a lot like Rosie and Bella.) So, Gus visited our class Tuesday for a short time. We got photos of him in different stances that will fit into the book. We will be working on completing it this week. Last week when we were learning about Antarctica we made clay penguins. We learned a lot of details about the process of creating clay sculptures. I took the class down to see our school Kiln, and taught them about the firing process. Our penguins should be ready to go home by next week. 
Coming up we have Field Day on Thursday. Please be sure to send your child in clothes appropriate for lots of activity. Monday we are walking to Berkeley Park for a celebration with our buddy class after lunch. Thursday June 12th is our field trip to the Children’s Museum. Whew! So much to look forward to.P1000469

Class News Room 1 Week of May 27th

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Hello Room 1 Families! I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend. Big news in Room 1. Today we all got to eat peas from our class garden. They are delicious. We are looking forward to sharing carrots before school is out. This week we are finishing our worktime related to our lead story If You Could Go to Antarctica. We have learned lots of facts about Antactica. We have learned many new vocabulary words as well. One of our main focus’ this week was on describing words. We are learning about how to make our writing more interesting for the reader by using describing words. In worktime we viewed a short documentary about Emperor Penguins and wrote information we learned from the documentary. We also looked at realia related to Antarctica and labeled it. We also made penguins out of clay. We will be firing them in the kiln next week, glazing them and firing again before the end of the  year. The kids are very excited about their penguins.

Looking ahead, we have a field trip to The Children’s Museum on June 12th. Look for permission slips later this week. We are also going with our 4th grade buddy class for a picnic at Berkeley Park on June 9th. We will not be sending forms for this one as it is a walking field trip.

Ms. Layman our gym teacher asked me to please remind families to have kids wear appropriated shoes for gym… no sandals. I know as the weather gets warmer thats hard to remember. Kids are welcome to bring gym shoes in their bags, and change before we go to gym.

Class News Room 1 Week of May 19th

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I’m still smiling thinking about Art Night. I was so proud of all of the kids as artists, and as docents. They did a fantastic job. They were clearly extremely proud of the art they had created, and eager to share it with anyone who would listen. So cute! Our Jackson Pollock paintings were raffled off and won by the Dorchucks (Oliver’s parents) and also Kathleen Witter. Congratulations!

As the year is coming closer to an end, Kindergarteners typically get a little anxious about what lies ahead in 1st grade. We will be visiting the first grade classrooms and having lots of conversations about ending the kindergarten year. There are always a lot of mixed emotions that happen for the kids as the year ends. Please feel free to come talk to me about how to talk to your kids about this transition.

This time of year is always busy and hectic with lots of special things going on. We are going to try as much as possible to keep our regular routine so that the learning continues.

Our days:

Literacy: This week our lead story is If You Could Go To Antarctica. Several kids had a lot of background knowledge about Antarctica already. I am very impressed! Ask your child to tell you a few facts they have learned about Antarctica.

We have also been reading fairy tales. We have read several versions of Little Red Riding Hood in preparation for our field trip to The Northwest Children’s Theater play of Little Red. So far, or favorite in Petite Rouge, the cajun version. I got the book on my trip to New Orleans. It is set in the bayou and instead of a wolf there is a crocodile. It is quite funny, and a little difficult to read as it is written with a cajun dialect.

Math: We are venturing more deeply into the world of subtraction with games. They are really getting the concept of subtraction and taking apart, and addition as putting together.

Writers Workshop: We are working hard on expanding our stories and using “amazing words” like , awesome, fantastic, unique, chaos… those are a few used by the kids this week. We are building a list in the room as kids use them.

I wanted to let  you all know how much I appreciate your kind and supportive words this week (teacher appreciation week). I feel so lucky each day to do the work I do and to be able to do it here in the Lewis community. What a gift!