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Class News Week of October 20th Room 1

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Thanks for all the support and cheering for our kids at Run For the Arts. I think I had a record number of kids collecting sponsors for the run this year. We lucked out   with decent weather.

This week in Room 1 our lead story is Life in The Ocean. We are learning about how smart readers read informational or non-fiction books in a different way than reading fiction. We are learning about paying attention to facts, and rereading for clarification. In response to this book, we are making word webs of ocean words, doing an ocean art activity, doing a graphic organizer on important information about the ocean and completing sentences using sentence frames. We are really rolling along in worktime and the kids are becoming so much more independent. Our word wall words up to this point are (am, I, is, little, like, me, to, the, went). It is very helpful if you work on these at home as well. At this point, the kids should be able to read and write these words without adult help. If that is challenging for your child you could have them practice at home to reinforce the skill.
Hopefully you have noticed the beautiful pumpkin art outside our classroom door. We have an art teacher who is volunteering every few weeks to teach some art lessons. She is the sister of a retired teacher from our building Ms. Pechette. We are so lucky to have her help us with art.

I want to let you all know I will be attending a work related conference in Central Oregon with Mr. Lauer and several other teachers from Lewis Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. You kids will be in great hands with Ms. Patricia.

Looking ahead: We are preparing for Parent Teacher conferences. I’m looking forward to having time to meet with you and talking about your amazing children.

Class News Week of October 13th Room 1

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Fall is in the air! This week we will be talking a lot about the changing of the seasons. As we get into colder weather, please be sure to send your children to school dressed to go outside regardless of the weather. Unless it is pouring, we will get outside to play every day.

This week in Room 1 we are fully immersed in our worktime centers. Last week was our first week of doing centers in our small groups. With the help of my volunteers, we were able to stay on worktime tasks for about 30 minutes. We are working on building stamina. Stamina is a key kindergarten skill. Staying focused on a task for a sustained period of time is very important for academic success. This week in worktime, we will be doing a wide range of activities based around our lead story, Dig, Dig Digging. In Writer’s Workshop, we have been working on adding detail to our stories, and using punctuation at the end of a sentence. My expectation is that they spell the word wall words correctly (am, I, is, little, like, me, to, little) and writing the sounds they hear in other words, ie. bg for bug, or frnd for friend, or hape for happy. It is important for them to feel safe in taking a risk in writing unfamiliar text. This class is loving our writing time. We are now writing for about 20 solid minutes which is much longer than we began at the beginning of the year.

We are looking forward to Run For The Arts.  Thank you to all of the parents who signed up to help with RFTA. It is a wonderful school wide fund raiser which benefits our Arts Fund for Lewis.

We are really looking forward to our trip to Kruger Farms on Tuesday the 21st. Please fill out permission forms and return this week.


Class News Week of October 6th Room 1

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I am having a blast getting to know your kiddos. I am amazed each day at the growth they are making already. This week, we are beginning Worktime Centers in independent groups. Thank you to my parent volunteers who will be assisting each week during Worktime. This week, our lead story is Julius. The story is fiction. Our higher level vocabulary words this week are mischief and protect. In worktime this week kids will do a number of activities related to the story. In Science, Art and Discovery center they will paint a pig (character from the book). In Reading for Meaning Center, they will draw parts of the story. In Word Making center they will make and record a puzzle and listen to a book on tape. In Writing center they will draw what the characters were thinking or feeling in the story. My number 1 goal in centers at this point in the year is “learning behaviors” such as task persistence, keeping their workspace organized, following directions, staying on task etc. Worktime is an amazing opportunity for them to get to practice all those vital learning skills. Each center will have 3-5 tasks for the kids to complete. This takes focus and hard work. We will begin with about 30 minutes, but by Winter Break worktime will last up to 50 minutes of sustained focus. The best part is that they LOVE it.

Our Kindergarten Field Trip to Kruger Farms is coming up on October 21st. I will be sending permission slips home for that by the end of this week. Also, next Tuesday is Run For The Arts. I know we will need a cheering section, and a few parents to mark laps as we run.

Reminder, Library is on Wednesday. Please be sure books are returned by that day.

Gym is Monday and Thursday, please have your child wear appropriate shoes.

Class News Week of October 29th

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Here in Room 1 we are really adapting to the routines and expectations of kindergarten. Next week we will begin worktime centers with independent groups. We are very excited. Also in math we are beginning to learn some of the partner games and working on being self managers as we move from station to station.

This week in literacy, our lead story is Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip. In worktime we will be making a list of places to go on a field trip, noting what we would see at different places on a field trip, recalling and retelling and sequencing the story. Our current word wall words (I, am,  the, to, little, ) have been introduced and practiced daily in class. Your child should be able to read them, and write them independently during writers workshop. In writing, we are working hard on hearing sounds in words and writing what we hear. Some students are able to hear beginning, middle and end sounds, and others are just beginning to identify beginning sounds. We are very happy to have kids attempt to write what they hear, and to not be afraid of trying. In math, we have been focusing on sorting a classifying shapes by size, color, shape, number of sides and curved or straight lines. This class really enjoys math time.
Looking ahead
Picture Day is October 8th

There is NO school on October 10th for statewide inservice

Run For the Arts is October 14th

Field Trip to Kruger Farms October 21st. Full Day for all Kindergarteners