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Class News Room 1 week of April 14th

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This is going to be a very fun and busy week in Room 1. On Monday we had a special guest speaker come in and talk to us about dental health, we learned about how important it is for our body and our mouths to eat healthy food and to brush our teeth, gums, and tongue at least twice a day. On Monday we also read a story about the painter Jackson Pollock. Over the next couple of weeks we will be creating art in the style of Pollock along with other artists that influenced Pollock. Here are a few academic highlights for this week. Finally, report cards will be coming home this Friday, please check your student’s folders for their report card. There’s been lots of growth!

Science: This week we will be exploring ways we can help the environment in preparation for Earth day.

Math: In math we are discussing different forms of measurement. Students will be working on a new math center that challenges them to estimate how long something is prior to measuring it, then students will check themselves by actually measuring the object with unifix cubes.

Social Studies: Thank you parents for helping your students make those great timelines. We will be sharing the timelines all week, so if your student didn’t bring theirs in on Monday there is still time!

Art: We are going to be exploring different artists that influenced Jackson Pollock. We will be doing art in the style of Joan Miro, Picasso while focusing on color, lines, and shapes.

Class News Week of March 31st Room 1

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Boy it feels good to be back with these kiddos. I had a very restful, rejuvenating break and am ready to roll to the end of the year. It’s hard to believe that we are very close to the end of the 3rd quarter. I am so excited as I look at the growth this group has made this year. I am so proud of the skills they have developed socially, artistically, physically and academically. I’m confident the first grade teachers will be very pleased to see how prepared this group is.

Miss Ashley has been doing the majority of the teaching the past few weeks as I am there to support and guide her. She is an amazing student teacher. I feel total confidence when she is in charge of a lesson. We are so lucky to have gotten her in our room. She will be beginning her work sample which is a 10 lesson unit on Jackson Pollock next week. You will see some evidence of her work on art night.

Next week, on Wednesday we will be walking to Reed College to the Cooley Art Gallery to see a Calligraphy Exhibit. The gallery has an outreach program that bring school aged children from the community into the gallery for art appreciation. A former Lewis parent, Gregory McNaughton is the curator of the gallery. He will be coming to talk to the kindergarteners on Friday to prepare them for the exhibit. We will be walking (1mile) to the gallery. We will also be staying for a picnic lunch after we see the exhibit. Each child will need to bring a lunch from home on that day. If it is raining we will reassess the lunch situation.

Curriculum Notes:

Math: We are learning about probability this month in Number Corner. We are also doing a lot of estimation. We are beginning to learn about different forms of measurement(weight, length, volume, temperature, time) . This week we will be measuring each other, and measuring other objects around the room with unifix cubes.

Science: We are observing a bird nest and using descriptive language to write about it, and what we know about nests. We have also been working with Kathleen on planting the garden bed outside our classroom. Check it out.

Language Arts: We continue to write, and write, and write! This week our lead story is called Bunny Day. It talks about time and different parts of our day. We have lots of math and science connections to this story.

Art: Check out our art display outside the classroom. We worked with Mrs. Lunderberg to learn about the color wheel. We learned more about primary and secondary colors by mixing paints. It was so much fun.

Taiko Drumming Artist in Residence

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We had a fantastic time with our Taiko Drumming experience. We learned some Japanese words, and concepts. We learned most importantly the 3 main aspects of Taiko… Respect, Cooperation and Perseverance. Here are a few photos. IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497 IMG_0499 IMG_0502 IMG_0503

Class News Room 1 Week of March 10th

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Hello Families from room 1. We have lots of news from Room 1. This week, we are anxiously awaiting our pea seeds to sprout in our planter box outside our classroom. We have been learning a lot about seeds and the cycle of a seed. The timing is wonderful with the beginning of spring.  This week, we have also been having our daily Taiko class with our artist in residence. It has been a wonderful experience. We have learned the main teachings of Taiko, Respect, Cooperation, and Perseverance. It has been amazing to see how quickly the kids are learning the rhythms being taught.

Another exciting bit of news. Sims’ baby twin brothers were born on Monday. Their names are Cole and Lane. We made a book for the new parents on advice for caring for the new babies. Our whole class has been very anxious for their arrival.

Academic news:

Writers workshop: We have been finishing up on our “How To” books with a focus on informational writing.

Math: We are continuing with writing and sharing story problems using sea creatures. We are using number sentences with addition and subtraction. We are still working with counting money with a focus on pennies, nickels and dimes.

Art: We had a wonderful lesson with Ms. Christina about the color wheel and using primary colors to make secondary colors. This is a great introduction to the  concept of color. Ms. Ashley is going to begin her work sample right after Spring Break. Her work sample is an art focus around the artist Jackson Pollock.

We are all excited in Room 1 to see the signs of Spring… especially the sun.