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Class Notes Week of Feb 22nd

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We are quickly approaching the 100th day of school. It hard to believe just how fast this year is going.  Stay tuned, we will have a combination 100th day celebration and Read Across America/Special Friends Day. It’s going to be quite a day. It will happen on Thursday, March 2nd. I will be sending out more information later this week.

We have been having a lot of fun with Mark Hansen learning how to use our chrome books to share information about ourselves. We will soon begin animal reports using our computers. We have learned how to start a new project, add pages, type a sentence and add an image. It has been so great to see the excitement in creating these projects. Perhaps, we will have a celebration to share our animal reports when we are finished. This project will be the culmination of our informational writing unit.

Ms. Amber is going to be teaching more and more of each day as part of her student teaching experience. I am  very confident with her skills. It has been such a benefit to have the additional adult in the room. She will be doing her solo teaching after Spring Break. I will be there to support her and the students. It will be an opportunity for me to give kids more individualized instruction and attention.

Class News Week of Feb. 13th

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This past week was filled with lots of excitement. Our field trip to see Fly Guy was a huge success. The play was fantastic! The kids were so wonderful and we got many compliments from the folks at Oregon Children’s Theater. Our friendship party was also a great time. Thank you to all the parents who contributed food for the celebration of friendship.

Last week, we started a new Mystery Science unit on the birth of volcanoes. We plotted patterns of volcanoes around the globe. It was a really cool activity and the kids were very successful with the activity. This week are are going to learn more about lava and lava flows.

In Reader’s and Writer’s workshop we are continuing to focus on nonfiction text. We are writing non fiction informational teaching stories, and reading informational books about all kinds of topics from presidents, to space, to animals to gardening. We have been working with Mr. Hansen on creating documents in slides and will be creating animal reports to go with our informational writing unit.