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Room 1 Class News Week of April 20th

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This week has been so much fun. We have been learning and preparing for Earth Day. On Wednesday we will have Earth Day activities all through out the day. We will get to do garden time with Kathleen.  We will be making art out of recycled cardboard and recycled paper, learning a poem, learning a song and creating an earth day display. On Tuesday, we finished our riddles and read them to the kids in Ms. Patricia’s class, and then again to some 1st graders. We had a lot of fun. I was so proud of how the kids all got up in front of the class to read their riddle.

This week in Worktime our lead story is called Abuela. Abuela is Spanish for Grandma. The story is a fiction story about a young girl and her grandmother as they go on adventures together. The setting of the story is New York City. In the story we learned several spanish words. The kids really enjoyed the story.  In math, we are continuing with problem solving and measurement.

Looking ahead: Art Night is May 7th. Please mark your calendars. It’s going to be so much fun. I will be asking for volunteers to help mount art and  put art up in the next few weeks. Also, I will be putting out a sign up sheet for kids who would like to be docents on art night.

May 13th we will be going to see The Little Mermaid at the Northwest Children’s Theater.

May 26th we will be going to The Children’s Museum.

Class News Room 1 Week of April 13th

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Hello Families, This week in Room 1 we are beginning the long process of preparing for family art night which will be May 7th.  We have been collecting art throughout the year and will be deciding what to display, and creating new art for the evening. Mark your calendars now! It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

We had a fabulous trip to the Cooley Art Gallery last week. It was so great to see the kids faces when we entered the gallery and all the ooohs and aaaahs. The walk was fun and easy, and we saw so many signs of Spring along the way.

This month in math we are beginning to do more with problem solving. We are going to  be writing math stories using sea creatures and using number sentences. We graphed our favorite sea creatures, collected the data. Next we are going to create math problems with our sea creatures. In science, we are continuing to learn about arctic life. In Writer’s Workshop, we all wrote a “how-to” on something we are an expert on. We will be sharing them this week. The first graders in Ms. Sarah’s room are going to come to our class to share their expert “all about” books with our class. This is going to prepare us for our next big writing unit. We are going to write an informational book on a favorite animal which will describe the animal, talk about its habitat, what it eats and more. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Looking ahead, Next month we will have a field trip to see The Little Mermaid at the NorthWest Children’s Theater on May 13th. We will also be going to the Children’s Museum on May 26th. So much to look forward to!

Class News Room 1 Week of April 6th

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This week is going to be a very exciting week. We have our walking field trip to the Cooley Art Gallery at Reed College. We are all very excited to see the exhibit. We had Gregory McNaughten visit our classroom on Monday to prepare us for the exhibit. What a great resource we have within walking distance to our school.

This week our lead story is If  You Could Go To Antarctica.  We are learning about life in Antarctica. Today we looked at the globe and saw that Antarctica is in the South Pole and compared it to the North Pole. We turned out the lights and saw how the sun hits the earth and why at certain times of the year it is dark 24 hours a day, and other times light 24 hours a day. We also learned about the rotation of the earth. There we many questions and wonderings. Our worktime this week will be based on our learnings about Antarctica. In math, we are continuing to learn about measurement. We learned a few fun games that are in our math centers related to measurement.

Check out our classroom garden space. Last week we planted peas, lettuce and a few other spring veggies.

This Friday is a teacher planning day. I will be completing 3rd quarter reports. I am so excited to see the growth the kids have made. So proud!

Class News Week of March 30th

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Boy it feels good to be back with these kiddos. I had a very restful break and am ready to roll to the end of the year. It’s hard to believe that we are very close to the end of the 3rd quarter. I am so excited as I look at the growth this group has made this year. I am so proud of the skills they have developed socially, artistically, physically and academically. I’m confident the first grade teachers will be very pleased to see how prepared this group is.

Next week, on Wednesday we will be walking to Reed College to the Cooley Art Gallery to see an art Exhibit. The gallery has an outreach program that bring school aged children from the community into the gallery for art appreciation. A former Lewis parent, Gregory McNaughton is the curator of the gallery. He will be coming to talk to the kindergarteners on Monday  to prepare them for the exhibit. We will be walking (1mile) to the gallery. We will also be staying for a picnic lunch after we see the exhibit. Each child will need to bring a lunch from home on that day. If it is raining we will reassess the lunch situation.

Curriculum Notes:

Math: We are learning about probability this month in Number Corner. We are also doing a lot of estimation. We are beginning to learn about different forms of measurement(weight, length, volume, temperature, time) . This week we will be measuring each other, and measuring other objects around the room with unifix cubes.

Science: We are observing sea creatures and using descriptive language to write about it, and what we know and observe about them. We have also will be working with Kathleen on planting the garden bed outside our classroom.

Language Arts: We continue to write, and write, and write! This week our lead story is Goldilock and The Three Bears. We will be doing character analysis and comparing different versions of the story.

Art: We are going to begin learning about Vassily Kandisky and his famous painting Circles. We will be recreating our own interpretation of that painting with different mediums including yarn weaving, painting tree cookies and watercolor.

Class News Week of March 16th Room 1

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This week in Room 1 we will be continuing to work on our books in Writer’s workshop. The kids have been so excited about writing and sharing their stories with the group. I am loving hearing their creative ideas and to see the amazing growth they have made over the year. Wow! I have been beginning to do some 3rd quarter assessments through observation, and data gathering to prepare for 3rd quarter report cards in April. I am so pleased to see the tremendous growth all the kids are making in reading, writing and math. I have really noticed a big difference just this month in the detail the kids are adding to their illustrations. When we return from Spring break, we will be doing some partnering with The Cooley Gallery at Reed College. Gregory McNaughter, the Education outreach coordinator will be coming to our classroom on April 6th to do a lesson to prepare the kids for visiting the Art Gallery on April 8th. We will be taking a walking field trip that day to Reed to see the art exhibit. More info to follow. Also, when we return from Spring Break, we will be getting back into the garden with Kathleen. So many exciting things to look forward to.