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Class notes May, 29th

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We have been having so much fun in Room 3.

We’re another week closer to the end of the year! Field Day was so much fun Tuesday.  The weather was perfect, and the kids had a great time playing the different games. This week we are wrapping   up our farm unit by writing stories about our farms and acting them out with partners. The kids loved having the opportunity to play around with the farms that they worked so hard to create. The whole unit was hard work but a lot of fun! We are looking forward to much celebration as we wind down the year. Our class won the box top competition and got popcorn and apple juice as a reward. We will be having a little class party some time early next week. Our class is featured on  the bulletin boards on the dip between the upper and primary hall. We have been learning about poetry and each wrote a piece about ourselves using a few of the things we learned about poetry. I think they are really sweet and I’m proud of the work they did.

We will be taking a walking field trip with our buddies on June 7th from 1-2:30.Parents are welcome to join us! We will be asking for snack/treat contributions closer to the date.

It’s hard to believe the end of the school year is so close! Second grade, here we come.

Art night

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The kids were so proud of sharing their artistic accomplishments on art night. So much to be proud of.


The past few weeks have been filled with so many fun things at Lewis School. We of course got to celebrate the artistic talents of our students with Art Night. The Buckman Choir came and performed for us and we got to hear the Boomin’ Beats preform as well. The energy in the building is just so positive with all the creativity. We are really looking forward to our field trip this Friday to see Frog and Toad at the Oregon Children’s Theater. We are culminating our informational reading and writing units this week and will be present to our buddy class at the end of the week. We are going to do a mini writing and reading unit around poetry.  We are also having a final day of mindfulness with Ms Jennifer. We will have a tea party and talk about all the learning we’ve done this year around the topic of mindfulness.

We will also be doing a short science unit on animal biodiversity which goes very well with our farm unit in math. We will be learning about the sheer range and variety of animals that inhabit our planet. We are about midway through our Farm unit in math. We are creating our own farms. Each student has to use a variety of math skills to build their farms. We use play money to purchase land and animals, a farm house, a barn, fences a silo and wheat to feed the animals. There is a lot of problem solving, adding and grouping numbers, planning, geometry. The kids are having a blast with this unit.


Class news Week of April 2nd

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Hello Room 3 Families. There is so much news to catch up on. I hope you all had a fun and restful break. Mine certainly was! I wanted to shares some photos of things from the past few weeks.

We did our final science lesson for our unit on the work of water. This unit helped students develop the idea that water is a powerful force that reshapes the earth’s surface. Students learned  that water isn’t just something we drink. It carries sand to create beaches, carves out canyons and valleys and, as ice, scrapes entire areas flat. In our experiment on erosion we learned how water creates canyon using cornmeal.

After this lesson, we culminated the unit with a wonderful presentation from Peyton’s dad, John on the structure and design of bridges. We then got to design and build our own toothpick and marshmallow bridges.


In Writer’s Workshop, we did our final unit celebration by sharing our book series with our buddy class. The kids were so incredibly proud of their work and I was so proud of them. They really took this so seriously and got so much out of the sharing of their work.



Another big event we shared along with all the students at Lewis was our March for Peace and Kindness. It was an incredibly emotional and powerful day. My emotions that day ran the gambit from anger to empowerment, from despair to hope but at the end of the day, just a lot of love for these kids and this community we call Lewis. It was great to have parents and other folks from the community come out to support us and to march with us. Thank You!

Class News Room 3

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We had so much fun celebrating Read Across America day last week. The kids have really  become so independent at Readers Workshop. We also got to spend time with our buddy class and get to hear their presentations about weather. Wednesday is our march for Peace and Kindness. It was so much fun making our signs and really thinking about what makes a kind and peaceful community.  We are also getting an opportunity see a short of the Lewis School play. We are really looking forward to seeing the production and seeing some of our buddies and siblings in the play.

This week we are finishing up our unit about the Work of Water. We are so excited… Peyton’s dad is coming to do a presentation/lesson on bridges as the culmination of the unit. We will get to build bridges with toothpicks. Stay tuned on the blog for photos.

In math we are starting a unit  with a focus on Penguins. There will be many fun math activities based around penguins. We will be making  folders to hold all of the work we will be doing. We will be creating our own tape measures and passports for our adventures.


Class news Week of February 26th

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We celebrated the 100th day of school last week. We had so much fun doing all sorts of 100 day activities. Spring is right around the corner. Wow, the year is flying. Last week we launched reading clubs with our reading coach Ms. Ala. We learned a structure and protocols for being the part of an organized reading club. It was so great to see the kids taking this so seriously and following all the guidelines we taught them.

In Writer’s workshop we have continued working on our book series writing and several kids have published a set of books for a series and they are now housed in decorated cereal boxes. They are so proud of their work and have really grown as writers in this unit.

In science, we are continuing with our unit on the work of water and how it changes our environment. This week our experiment is around learning how canyons are made. The kids are loving our Mystery Science activities.

Friday is Read Across America Day. We will be celebrating the joys of reading all day. We will have another Read In and kids are invited to bring a blanket and a favorite stuffed animal.  We will also meet up with our buddy class to do an activity around reading.


Class News Week of Feb. 12th

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Creating mountains in science to see how water flows downhill.

We are having so much fun with our new literacy units.

In Writer’s workshop we are totally immersed in writing realistic fiction series. I am encouraging them to invent a fictional character/s that will appear in multiple stories. We are working on creating problems and solutions, and having our characters go on lots of adventures. We will collect them all an put them in a box like a real book series. If you have any empty cereal boxes at home, please save them and send them to school over the next few weeks.

In Reader’s Workshop last week we packed our imaginary suitcase and filled it with all of our reading strategies to go on lots of reading adventures. We have been focusing on comprehension strategies and also really honing in our our predicting skills. We are also learning to synthesize the text, and rereading to think about how the different parts connect.  Reading and writing are very complex processes that take so many skills coming together all at the same time. Learning to read and write are incredibly empowering acts for 1st graders.

Last week we began our unit about how water shapes the earth’s surface. Our first lesson was called, “If you floated down a river, where would you end up?” We learned how water flows from high to low, and how many rivers start up in mountains or hilly areas, and ultimately flow out towards the sea.

You can encourage your child’s curiosity at home! If you know where your nearest stream or creek is, plan a trip to go visit it! If you’re not sure, look on a map. Once you get there, ask your child if they can figure out which direction it’s flowing. Use a map to see if you can figure out where the water’s headed.

I want to again thank all of  you parents for being such a supportive community. We truly have a unique school that nurtures all learners. It takes a village.

Below are photos of our class sharing our Writer’s workshop stories with Ms. Logue’s class