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Class News Week of March 2oth

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We all had a wonderful time on our field trip to the Rice Rock Museum.  The kids were in awe of the amazing rock collection. They were such great guests and got many compliments from the staff at the museum. We are finishing up our learning on soil, sand and silt this week. We will begin an insect unit after our break.

On Friday, we will share our animal reports with an audience. It should take no less than 30 minutes. It has been fun seeing the kids get their thoughts on paper and then create a slideshow based on the learning. We have Mr. Hansen to thank for this. Yesterday, we culminated our informational reading unit by teaching kindergarteners how to read informational books, and text features of informational books including, table of contents, headings, captions, photographs, labeled diagrams and glossaries. We will begin a new unit called Readers Have Big Jobs to Do, focusing on fluency, phonics and comprehension.

Amber will begin her solo teaching experience one week after we return from break. I will be close by and working with small groups of kids and one on one out of the classroom for  the first few weeks, allowing her a chance to “own” the room. I will then return as her assistant as she continues to be the primary teacher for six weeks.


Class News Week of March 13th

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We are all welcoming our new student Kanu to Room 3. He has moved to the neighborhood from Estacada. We are so excited to have him in our class! The kids have been extremely friendly and welcoming. It has been a joy to watch.

We are getting started on our animal reports this week. Thank you for assisting your kids in gathering information on their animal. It will be so helpful when we begin the writing of our reports. Again, we will be sharing our reports for an audience on Friday, March 24th at 9:00.  We are continuing our math unit on Penguins. Today we gathered information on Rock Hopper penguins including what they weigh and how tall they are, what they eat etc. We will be comparing and contrasting 6 different kinds of penguins. We are all looking forward to our field trip on Friday to The Rice Rock Museum. Spring Break is coming very soon. The week after spring break, Amber will begin her solo student teaching. She will be the teacher in charge for 6 weeks. She has done such a fabulous job and is fully prepared.

Class News Week of Feb. 27th

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This week in Room 3 we are celebrating the 100th day of school. We are going to have lots of fun with the number 100. It’s amazing just how quickly those 100 days have happened! We are also celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss on Thursday, March 2nd which is Read Across America Day. For the last 45 minutes of the day, we will have guest readers come to the room to read with kids. If you are available and interested, you can sign up on the sign up sheet posted outside the classroom door.  Our class has earned a special treat of Pajama day. We will do this on Thursday  along with celebrating Read Across America. Wearing pajamas is optional. If your child does wear pajamas, please be sure they are warm enough to go outside for recess.

We have been having lots of fun in science this month. We have been investigating rocks, sand, silt and pebbles. Later in the month we will be taking a field trip to the Rice Rock Museum. This unit has been a great segue to our informational reading and writing units. Today, we learned about including a Table of Contents in our informational books. We are gearing up for writing our animal reports.

On another note, the heat in our classroom has been quite unpredictable. It has been cold one day, and hot the next. It is good for the kids to have a long sleeve shirt, or a sweatshirt so they don’t have to wear their coats inside if its cold.