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Class News Week of November 23rd Room 1

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This week our lead story is Bear Snores On. It is a fiction story about a bear who is asleep for the winter, while his forest friends are having a party in his den. I am pairing this story with a non-fiction book about bears. We have been learning about the difference between informational  and fiction books and how you read them for different purposes and organize your thinking in a different way. We will be talking about characters, setting and sequence of events with our fiction book. We are recalling important information about our non-fiction book. Our art connection this week is in creating our own Corduroy. It was a very fun project.

This week in math, we are continuing learning about patterns, working with numbers to 10 using 10 frames, working more in depth with shapes, describing shapes and continuing to practice using tally marks. We have also been graphing the weather and collecting and comparing data. Each day, as a math activity we look at the question of the day, count and compare the answers. We then come up with a target number which is the number of kids in our class on that day. We then create a number sentence using the numbers in each column. This give the kids practice each day in using teen numbers, comparing larger numbers and creating an equation. We also practice other skills such as counting on, telling how many more etc.

In Writer’s Workshop I am encouraging students to add detail to their stories. At this point, the word wall is growing. Please practice these words at home with your child. They should be able to read and write these words independently. ( am, can, have, I, is, little, like, me, see, to, the, went, my, we, and, you)

Class News Week of November 17th Room 1

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Room 1 has been having a great week. The kids are all very excited about Writer’s Workshop. We have been reading a series of book written by Daniel Kirk. It has been a huge motivation for the kids in Room 1. They are all eager to write their own books. The book is about small creature who offers his big voice for aspiring authors everywhere! Every child can be a writer—and Library Mouse shows them how! 

Last week we had our first lesson with our art teacher Gina Biehl. The lesson focused on line. We talked about straight lines, zig zag lines, curved lines and curly lines. Our art is on display in the classroom.

This week our lead story is called Animal Babies in Grasslands. This story is a continuation of Unit 2 which is looking at Animal habitats and environments. There is a strong social studies and science component to this unit. Our focus this week is on animal babies. Our vocabulary words include, calf, cub, joey, grassland, pup and foal. The comprehension skill focus this week is Main Idea. Our new word wall word this week is we. At this point we have covered all letter names and letter sounds. We have been very focused on the short vowel sounds in the past few weeks. It is imperative for them to know these sounds to be able to decode unfamiliar words and to write unfamiliar words.

In math we are continuing to work with grouping numbers ie tally marks. We are practicing counting on. Place value has been a big focus as well. We learned a new game this week called Count and Compare Butterflies. In this game the kids compare sets of numbers to see less and more. We are using a 10 frame and encouraging number recognition without counting individual numbers. For example if there are 5 on top and 1 on the bottom, we automatically know it is 6 without having to count each butterfly. If you are interested, there are lots of activities online using 10 frames. Just search “10 frame kindergarten activities”.

Looking ahead

November 25th Oregon Children’s Theater Adventures of Tartar Patrol.  OCT will be coming to our classroom to teach our students about the importance of oral health.

November 26th Art with Gina

December Northwest Children’s Theater Production of Shrek.

Class Notes Week of November 2nd Room 1

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This week, our lead story is a fictional story called Armadillo’s Orange. Our comprehension focus this week is setting. We are learning about animal habitats and will be comparing and contrasting it to other animal homes. Our vocabulary words for this week are : tortoise, grub, landmark, neighbor, burrow and armadillo. There is a strong science connection with this lead story which always makes for high interest.

Our word wall words thus far are: a, am, I, like, me, my, to, the, went, is and have.  Please check in with your child at home to be sure your child can read and write these words independently.
We have been working VERY hard on learning our letter sounds. We have a goal of learning all vowel sounds in the next few weeks. It makes it so much easier to write unfamiliar words, and to blend sounds for decoding unfamiliar words.
In math, we are creating shapes on our geoboards, learning  a fun shape game called Hungry Caterpillar, learning a new pattern in our calendar and learning about place value. This week I introduced the concept of tally marks. We will have ongoing practice with this all month.
In writing, we are working very hard on writing unfamiliar words, and remembering spacing and ending marks. We are making great progress! This week I introduced the idea of writing books. They are very excited about the idea of writing their own stories.
In Art we have been continuing to do weekly art lesson based on the elements of art. We are going to be focusing on shape and line and introducing color next week with our art teacher, Gina Biehl. Later this week we will be having an art lesson taught by art teacher Christina Pechette. It is a leaf print lesson. This will be a wonderful science connection to fall and the weather we have been having. On that note, please be sure your child comes to school prepared to go out at recess even if its raining. We like to get outside everyday regardless of weather. (unless its a downpour)


Class News Week of October 26th Room 1

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We had a fantastic time on our Farm Field trip. Fortunately the weather really cooperated. It was beautiful. We got to go on a hay ride, learn about vegetables that grow on the farm, meet Matilda the pig, and picnic outside. It was great fun.

This week in Room 1 our lead story is Life in The Ocean. We are learning about how smart readers read informational or non-fiction books in a different way than reading fiction. We are learning about paying attention to facts, and rereading for clarification. In response to this book, we are making word webs of ocean words, doing an ocean art activity, doing a graphic organizer on important information about the ocean and completing sentences using sentence frames. We will be starting worktime centers in small groups on Wednesday. We are very excited about this.

In math, we are continuing with naming and describing shapes, learning about place value, identifying numbers, 1:1 counting and repeating patterns.

In Writers Workshop, we are working very hard on adding detail to our stories both in our writing and in our illustrations. I am seeing great growth in all of the kids.

Looking ahead: Mr. Brent is going to be teaching some reading lessons next week and beginning to do parts of the morning routine.

Thank you to all of you who attended parent teacher conference. It is always so wonderful to get to share the progress your children are making in school.