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Teacher Dana’s 1st Grade Class News

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Hello Families,

We continue to get to know each other and bond as a classroom community. I am so enjoying getting to know each of the kids and their big personalities. We have been working very hard on learning all the new first grade routines. It is going beautifully. This is a very capable bunch of first graders. This week, we put some finishing touches on our first piece of shared writing from Writer’s Workshop. Today, we had a Writer’s Museum. We got to check out each other’s writing which was on display in the room. I love to see how creative and smart these kids are. They were so proud of their writing, and I was proud too.

In math, we created some bug story problems which are displayed in the hall. Its been a lot of fun having the math unit contain science and learning about bugs and the life cycle.

In Readers Workshop, we all now have individual book bins with books at the “Just Right” reading level for each kid. We are also reading books on our laptops at each person individual level. On Monday, kids began first grade word rings working on sight words. We have been very busy.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a parent teacher conference, please check the sign up sheet outside the classroom for a time. Also, I have had some questions about how we honor birthdays at school. I avoid food treats in the room because of the many food allergies. I invite the birthday child to bring a favorite book from home for me to read aloud. We also do a class birthday song.

I want to thank you all for having your kids at school each morning on time, ready to learn. I so appreciate all of you and how challenging that can be at times.

1st Grade Class News Teacher Dana’s class

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We had another fantastic week in Room 3. We are continuing to learn and practice all the daily routines. Last week we had a wonderful art/science lesson on bugs. We each created a bug with a head, thorax and an abdomen. In Reader’s Workshop we have been working on setting goals and building stamina. In Writer’s Workshop we have been learning about zeroing in on a “small moment” rather than writing broad stories. Monday, we got to play on the new nature scape. Wow! It is so much fun. Thank you to the PTA for working so hard to make this happen. We got to go to library this week and check out books. Please be sure to send them back to school with your child before our next library day next Monday. Thank you for attending Back to School Night. If you were unable to make it, please sign up for your conference time with me.

Just a quick reminder. Ms. Layman asked to remind parents to have kids wear gym shoes on PE days. Ours are Tuesday and Friday. img_2362

First Week of 1st grade in Room 3

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Hello Room 3 families,

Our first week together was a great time. We are learning all the new 1st grade routines. It has been an easy transition. It has been so much fun getting to know all the kids and welcoming new friends who are new to Lewis. This week, we began partner reading which will be a daily practice. We have begun our Math centers as well. I am so looking forward to this year with your kids.

If you haven’t yet turned in the Registration forms and other paper work, please do so this week and for the  school supplies and $ for additional supplies as well.

Thank you for sending fresh water in water bottles each day. It makes things so much easier.

Room 1 Class Notes Week of May 31st

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Hello Room 1 Families,

This is an exciting week for Room 1.  Last Friday, we worked really hard to save our tree, Big Doug.  We made signs and wrote letters to the Mayor of Portland.  He had been planning on cutting our tree down, but decided not to after reading our letters.

On Tuesday, we went to the Portland Children’s Museum.  We had a blast building; face-painting; acting in our very own theater; playing in a water park; and running a pet hospital. Mr. Brent’s group also thought it would be funny to paint his face.

Our new lead story for Language Arts this week is The Little Engine That Could.  The targeted skill/strategy for this week is plot.  Our weekly question will be: What does it take for a train to get over the mountain?  Some of the new vocabulary words we will be learning about this week are: engine, passenger, mountain, tracks, valley, and roundhouse.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, June 6th- 1:00 p.m. Buddy celebration at Berkeley Park

Thursday, June 9th- Last day of school.  End of the year slideshow starts at 2:00 p.m.





Donors Choose Project

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Please check out my cool Donors Choose project. Help us get what we need to create an awesome 1st grade environment for all learners. Thanks so much, Dana



Room 1 Class Notes Week of May 23rd

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Our new lead story for Language Arts this week will be Messenger, Messenger.  This is a fiction story that focuses on the typical day for a bike messenger.  The targeted skill for this week will be compare and contrast.  Some of the new vocabulary for this week will be: escalator; messenger; radios; pickup; and delivery.
In Math we will be continuing with our work with patterns and numbers.  We will also be taking time to review some of the material we have been covering over the last few weeks during Math Workplaces.

We’re continuing with our Storyline, and this week we have added fir cones to our tree. There was also a surprise waiting for us when we came in to class this morning.  An owl had made a nest and laid an egg on Big Doug.  Stay tuned!

Looking Ahead:

May 25th- Field Day- Kindergarten events start at 12:40 p.m.

May 27th- Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, 8:00 a.m.

May 31st- Field Trip to the Portland Children’s Museum.

June 5th- Mr. Brent’s Commencement

June 9th- Last Day of School