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Class News Week of October 24th

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Did you know the skin of the pumpkin is called the rind? Did you know the lines are called the ribs and the inside is called the flesh? We have learned many pumpkin facts this week. We had so much fun making our pumpkin sculptures on Friday. This Friday, we will have a Fall celebration with our buddy class. We will do a fun art activity together.

Thank you for sending your children prepared for rainy weather! I like to get outside unless it is a real downpour. Fresh air and running around are so important for nurturing learning.

In math, we are moving right along. Today, we learned a new math game focusing on odd and even numbers. We have also been working really hard on writing our numbers correctly. I am seeing a LOT of reversals. The longer kids write the numbers, (and letters) incorrectly, the longer it takes to break the habit. Please notice and assist at home if your child is writing reversals.

We have begun our Word Work groups in Room 3. We are learning sound spelling patterns and focusing on a skill for a week at a time. We are in different skill groups depending on students needs. You will see a list of words come home at the end of the week. Please have your child read the words to you at home. It would be great if those lists were kept together in a folder at home, and you could revisit and practice sets from previous weeks.

Class News Week of October 17th

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Yet another busy and fun week in Room 3. The field trip to see The Cat in the Hat was so much fun. Thank you to the parents that chaperoned.

Yes, it has been very very rainy. We will be sure to get lots of body breaks so that we can get all of our wiggles out, so that we can then get back to the business of learning. In math this week, we learned 2 new addition games. One is call Bag of Buttons, and the other Insects in the Garden. Both are fun addition games using manipulatives. We are moving into more complex models for math. We are looking at number facts to 10 and seeing patterns and relationships. We have also been learning about doubles and neighbors in addition to learn that if you 4+4=8 , then you know 4+5=9.

In Reader’s Workshop, we have been setting goals and reading every day. I’m so impressed with how much the kids have improved since school started. We have been meeting each week with Kathleen for our Garden Time. It is a great time to learn about the changes in the seasons, and seeing it first hand in the garden.

Class News Room 3 Week of October 10th

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This past week was a busy one. He had lots of highlights. We had the Portland Opera do an all school assembly of Hansel and Gretel. It was fantastic the kids were enthralled. I don’t think I saw an opera until I was an adult. What a treat for the kids. On Friday, we did an art lesson on the famous artist Vassily Kandinsky. It was based on his famous circles painting. We looked at this painting through the lens of color, line, and shape. Check out our Kandinsky work now hanging in the room.

We now have the parent helper calendar up in the hall to the right of the door. If you’re interested in signing up, the times and tasks are there for you to choose. I also frequently need other tasks that can be done at any time like hanging art, copying, etc.

We are now getting into the rainy season. I like to try to get outside to play every day even if its sprinkling. If it looks like rain, please send a rain coat with your child. If its just too raining, we will have a movement break in the classroom.

We have a field trip coming up on October 18th. The Northwest Children’s Theater play of The Cat in the Hat. Permission slips have been sent home. Please return ASAP. Thanks so much.

Class News Room 3 Week of October 3rd

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img_2352We had a wonderful week last week. Run of the Arts was a big success. The kids all felt very proud of how hard they worked to earn money for Lewis School. Friday, we got to meet our Reading Buddies. We had a wonderful time getting to know them. Reading Buddies are always such a special time for the kids.

In Reader’s Workshop this week, we learned new strategies for “tackling” tricky words. We have been reading new books every day and reading with your partners and supporting each other. In Math, we continued to learn to tell time, count in groups of 5’s and 10’s and solving story problems. Also, learning how to count and compare money. In Writer’s workshop, we focused on adding “itty, bitty” details to our stories to make them more interesting. We also have been learning how to bring our characters to life by giving them movement, and having them talk. We learned about quotation marks and are practicing using them this week. In art, we learned about Henri Matisse, and created a piece inspired  by his scissor/collage phase.

The parent helper calendar is now hanging on my classroom door if you’d like to sign up. Thanks so much for returning the parent help questionnaire.

1st Grade Class News Room 3

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Thanks to all of you who signed up for Remind. Its a great way to send out quick notes. I have set it up so you can respond during “office hours” which are M-F,  7am to 5pm. Please only respond if its urgent. I would prefer an email if its not urgent.

We are learning a lot about being a caring classroom community. We have been reading books with a caring and kindness theme, making lists of kind things friends do for each other, and bonding as a group. I have to say, I am loving 1st graders.

The routines we are learning are becoming much easier, transitions and smoother and the kids are gaining independence. I appreciate that you as parents are having your children put their own folders in the folder holder and encouraging that independence.

In music, Mr. Jamesbarry has the 1st grader take off their shoes. He has been spending a bit of time at the end of class retying shoes. If your child isn’t doing it independently , that would be a great thing to practice at home.

Beginning next week, I will  be putting a parent volunteer sign up sheet up outside the classroom door. Before that, I will send home a parent volunteer questionnaire. Please return it before signing up on the sign up sheet so I have an idea of interests and time you are interested in helping. Thanks for being such great and supportive families.

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