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Class News Room 1 Week of March 3rd

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We have yet another fun week of learning planned in Room 1. Dr. Seuss’ birthday and guest readers on Monday along with some fun art activities based on the work of Dr. Seuss. We will be doing fun things all week around the work of Dr. Seuss. Our worktime centers this week are based on our lead story Hide Clyde. It is a fiction story about a chameleon who can’t figure out how to change color like his other family members. We then also read an informational book called Chameleons are Cool. We compared and contrasted the fiction and non-fiction stories. In worktime we are painting chameleons, writing facts about chameleons, observing a bird nest and responding, sequencing a sentence about chameleons and many other activities.

In writing we are going to be doing a piece of writing about the cycle of a seed using words, first, then, next and last. This will be an introduction to using bridging words in writing.

In math, we are continuing to learn about 3 dimensional shapes and really getting into learning about coins and the value on a penny, nickel, dime and quarter. We will be comparing quantities and adding coins together. Fun!

Class News Room 1 Week of February 23rd

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This week, our lead story for Language Arts in called Seeds. It is an informational text so there is a strong science connection. We will be learning about what seeds need to grow, observing different type of seeds, learning how seeds travel, and how like all living things seeds grow and change. Our comprehension focus is on sequencing, and drawing conclusions.  This is a great time to be learning about plant growth as Spring emerges all around us. We will be looking around our environment for signs of Spring. 

The 100th day of school was Monday. We will had a fun filled day of 100’s activities. We  rotated through the other kindergarten classrooms and did fun activities. 

Monday, March 2nd is Read Across America Day. In the past, we have done Grandparents and special Friends day on the same day. We have decided as a school to continue to invite folks, but the focus has shifted to focus on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and Read Across America. We have noticed over the years that the children who do not have a grandparent or special friend are very sad. It is very difficult for some families to have a person available to come for their child. This way, people can still come, but if a child doesn’t have someone it eliminates the stress.

From 2-2:45 We will be inviting guest readers to the room (grandparents are great). I will be sending out an email asking if you are expecting someone so I can get an idea if 45 min. is enough. The whole day will be a number of fun activities in our room related to Dr. Seuss. Anyone can come to any part of our fun day, however the guest reader portion will be 2-2:45.




Class News Week of February 9th

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This week,  we are continuing with our story Farfallina and Marcel. We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, and continuing with the theme of growing and changing. We are going to be sequencing the story, doing water color butterflies, predicting the next event, and assembling a mixed up sentence using our new vocabulary and word wall words. In writing, we are beginning to use the transitional words, first, then, next and last. We are using them in writing about the life cycle of a butterfly, and then will transition into independently writing a “how to” piece using those words.

In math, we are learning the 3 dimensional shapes, (sphere, cylinder, cube and cone) We have learned a fun song to help us remember the words for those shapes, and how to use mathematical vocabulary to describe them.

We are all so excited to go on our field trip to The Northwest Children’s Theater to see Jungle Book this Wednesday February 11th. Once again, please pack some extra snack, or an extra large lunch on that day because we will be eating early and finishing our food when we return.

Several kids and myself have been sick in Room 1 . I am going to reinforce washing hands, eating healthy, getting lots of sleep and other heathy habits during this time. Please remind your kids to used tissues rather than sleeves for runny noses, sneezing into elbow rather than hand, and frequent hand washing. Thanks so much.

Class News Week of February 2nd 2015

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This week in literacy our lead story is called Farfallina and Marcel. It is about the unlikely friendship between a caterpillar and a goose. It is about how lasting close friendships can be even through change. Some of our vocabulary words include butterfly,goose, gosling, cocoon, reflection, and caterpillar. I love the timing of this lead story as we begin talking about friendships and what it means to be a friend.
In math, we are looking at growing patterns and counting by 2’s. We are also going to begin to learn about 3 dimensional shapes.
In science, we will be continuing to talk about growing and changing. We have focused a lot on the concept of change and the life cycle, and now we will compare that to other living creatures. We will also get time in the garden this week with Kathleen.
A few changes in our daily schedule. We are going to move our Worktime Centers to the morning. I think it will help to do worktime when the kids have more energy and stamina in the morning. Thanks to my regular parent helpers for being flexible and willing to change your volunteer time. I really appreciate it.
This Wednesday, Feb. 4th we are going to The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to see the Portland Youth Philharmonic. This is such a fun field trip. I am very excited! Next Wednesday we will be going to NWCT to see The Jungle Book. Another great field trip.
Valentine’s Day is coming up this month. Stay tuned… there will be a treat sign up outside the classroom door the week before.

Class News Room 1 Week of Jan. 25th

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This week our lead story is called See How We Grow. The main idea of this story is about how we grow and change. The main characters are a set of twins, which of course was very high interest for the students in our class given that we have 2 sets of twins in kindergarten. Some of the vocabulary words include, infant, baby, toddler and child. Worktime activities will include comparing ourselves as 5/6 year olds to when we were babies and making a list of things a baby needs among other activities.

Friday is a teacher planning day for working on report cards. I am so impressed with how much all of the kids have learned at this halfway point. They have grown and changed so much, especially in their ability to be independent thinkers and problem solvers. I am excited  to share my observations with you.

I am very excited for our upcoming field trip to see the Portland Youth Philharmonic at The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Please return your permission slip by the end of the week.

Class News Week of January 20th 2015

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This week we are finishing our worktime with Little Quack. The big theme with Little Quack is bravery and pride. We are continuing to discuss and learn about the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We did a act-out of the story of Rosa Parks. The kids loved the drama aspect of this activity. In math we are really working hard on the teen numbers and understanding of place value. We are also learning about growing patterns. Another math focus this month has been learning number combinations. For example 5 and 3 more is 8. We have been learning how to write number sentences ie. 5+3=8. I am also beginning to introduce the concept of story problems. We have been solving story problems with the characters of our lead story Little Quack. Once again, we are close to the end of the quarter. Report cards will be coming home in a few weeks.

Please remember each week on Wednesday to help your child remember to return their library book.